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13th IEA/RFP Workshop


The main theme of the workshop will be experimental and theoretical/computational work on the RFP configuration. Any RFP-relevant topic is welcome. One theme for this workshop is inter-machine comparisons, in part to reflect collaborative work that is ongoing among the various RFP experiments. Where relevant, speakers are encouraged to prepare their talks with the inter-machine comparison in mind. Incorporation of results from more than one machine in a given talk, where relevant and where possible, is strongly encouraged.

To help foster and motivate inter-machine comparison talks, there will be sessions devoted to three specific topics which are largely common among all the experiments:

  1. QSH: conditions leading to QSH; duration of QSH in a given plasma; frequency of QSH shot to shot; tearing mode spectra; correlation between the dominant and secondary modes; local particle and energy confinement; global particle and energy confinement, beta...

  2. Properties of standard-confinement plasmas (non-QSH, non-PPCD...): global particle and energy confinement; beta; tearing mode spectra; characteristics and impacts of sawtooth crashes, such as current generation, ion heating, momentum transport; profiles (between or during crashes) of density, temperature, current density, magnetic field, momentum density; density limit(s)...

  3. Importance and control of plasma-wall interaction: impact that plasma-wall interaction is believed or known to have on the plasma; measurements of impurity densities and Zeff; measurements of recycling; results of camera imaging of the first wall; what is being done at present (and what is planned) for wall conditioning, wall coating, reduction of recycling, boundary modification...

Every experimental group is encouraged to submit a talk, even if only a short talk, for each of these three sessions. And theoretical/computational talks which might explain important similarities or differences between the experiments are also encouraged. Time will be provided for vigorous discussion following each of the talks and/or sessions. During the last session of the workshop, a few speakers will briefly summarize (IAEA-style) the talks from each of the three sessions to motivate further and final discussion, and to potentially generate some ideas for near-future work.

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    16.00-18.00 Registration (400 swedish crowns)


    8.30-9.10 Coffe and Registration (400 swedish crowns)
    9.10-9.20 Welcome

    PLASMA WALL INTERACTIONS AND EDGE PHYSICS – chairman: Brunsell P. / Hirano Y.
    9.20-9.40 Canton A. Density control in RFX-mod (download power point)
    9.40-10.00 Bergsaker H. The effects of active mode control on edge profiles and plasma surface interactions in EXTRAP-T2R (download power point)
    10.00-10.20 Scarin P. Measurements of characteristic pressure profile lengths and comparison to turbulence scale lengths in RFX-mod edge (download power point)
    10.20-10.40 ChapmanB.E. Role and control of the plasma boundary in MST (download pdf)
    10.40-11.10 Coffe break
    11.10-11.30 Vianello N. Filamentary structures detected in the edge region of RFX-Mod (download power point)
    11.30-11.50 Scarin P. Analysis of edge turbulence in RFX-mod from GPI data and comparison with other toroidal devices (download power point)
    11.50-12.15 DISCUSSION

    12.15-13.45 Lunch break

    HELICAL STRUCTURES AND QSH STATES IN THE RFP – chairman: Escande D. / Masamune S.
    13.45-14.10 Koguchi H. (presented by Hirano Y.) QSH states in TPE-RX experiment (download pdf)(download pdf)
    14.10-14.30 Brower D. Recent Observations during QSH Conditions in MST (download pdf)
    14.30-14.50 Frassinetti L. Experiments of active QSH control in EXTRAP T2R (download power point)
    14.50-15.10 Masamune S. MHD behaviour of low-aspect-ratio RFP plasmas in RELAX (download power point)
    15.10-15.40 Coffe break
    15.40-16.00 Onchi T. Imaging Diagnostics of Low-Aspect-Ratio RFP Plasma in RELAX (download pdf)
    16.00-16.20 Zuin M. Self-organized helical equilibria emerging at high current in RFX-mod (download power point)
    16.20-16.40 Alfier A. Spatial and temporal characterization of thermal core topology changes in RFX-mod QSH states (download power point)
    16.40-17.00 Terranova D. Experimental studies of particle transport with pellet injection in the helical structures (download pdf)
    17.00-17.20 Gobbin M. Numerical studies of particle transport mechanisms in RFX-mod low chaos regimes (download power point)
    17.20-17.45 DISCUSSION


  • FRIDAY 10 OCTOBER 2008

    THEORY – chairman: Schnack D.
    9.20-9.40 Ebrahimi F. On nonlinear computation of pressure-driven m=0 fluctuations (download pdf)
    9.40-10.00 Khalzov I. On the minimum energy states in two-fluid relaxation theory (download pdf)
    10.00-10.20 Guo S. Drift instabilities in RFP Plasmas (download pdf)
    10.20-10.40 Scheffel J. A generalized weighted residual method for RFP plasma simulation (download power point)
    10.40-11.10 Coffe break
    11.10-11.30 Bilato R. Feasibility of Electron Bernstein Wave Coupling via O-X-B Mode Conversion in RFX-mod (download pdf)
    11.30-11.50 Terry P.W. Dissipation range spectra for MHD and high frequency magnetic fluctuations in MST (download pdf)
    11.50-12.15 DISCUSSION

    12.15-13.45 Lunch break

    TRANSPORT – chairman: Sarff J.S. / Martin P.
    13.50-14.10 Kuritsyn A. Momentum transport from tearing modes in the MST RFP (download power point)
    14.10-14.30 Valisa M. Density Limit in RFP’s (download power point)
    14.30-14.50 Fiksel G. Ion heating measurements on MST (download pdf)
    14.50-15.10 Terry P.W. Anomalous Ion Heating from Ion Cyclotron Absorption of Alfvenic Turbulent Cascade (download pdf)
    15.10-15.40 Coffe break
    15.40-16.00 Innocente P. (presented by Canton A.) Scaling studies in RFX-mod (download pdf)
    16.00-16.20 Frassinetti. Heat transport and confinement in EXTRAP T2R (download power point)
    16.20-16.40 Zanotto L. Similarity experiments on RFX-mod and MST standard discharges: Magnetics (download power point)
    16.40-17.00 Reusch J.A. Similarity Experiments on RFX-mod and MST Standard Discharges: Kinetics (download pdf)
    17.00-17.30 DISCUSSION



    RWM AND CONTROL METHODS – chairman: Prager S.
    9.10-9.30 Guo S. Experiments and modeling on active RWM rotation in RFP plasmas (download power point)
    9.30-9.50 Paccagnella R. Effects of a tri-dimensional boundary on RWM stability (download pdf)
    9.50-10.10 Olofsson K.E.J The intelligent shell revisited: a process control design (download pdf)
    10.10-10.40 DISCUSSION
    10.40-11.00 Coffe break
    ENHANCED RFP PLASMAS – chairman: Gnesotto F.
    11.00-11.20 Chapman B.E. High-temperature PPCD plasmas in MST (download pdf)
    11.20-11.40 Franz P. (presented by Terranova D.) Results on New PPCD Experiments in RFX-mod (download pdf)
    11.40-12.00 Mc Collam K. OFCD experiments and some comparisons (download pdf)
    12.00-12.20 Valisa M. Power neutral beam injector on RFX: design and mission (download power point)
    12.20-12.40 DISCUSSION

    12.45-14.00 Lunch break

    OVERVIEWS AND FUTURE PLANS – chairman: Drake J.
    14.00-14.20 Puiatti M.E. RFX-mod future plans (download pdf)
    14.20-14.40 Sarff J.S. MST future plans
    14.40-15.00 Masamune S. RELAX future plans
    15.00-15.30 DISCUSSION