Alfvén Laboratory

The Alfvén Laboratory is the collective name of two related and co-located units within the School of Electrical Engineering:

  • Fusion Plasma Physics
  • Space and Plasma Physics
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The Alfvén Laboratory was formed in 1990 from the three Departments that most directly derived from the vigorous scientific activity of Hannes Alfvén, who was a professor at KTH from 1940 to 1973 (from 1967 to 1973 sharing his time between KTH and the University of California San Diego). Hannes Alfvén received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1970 as well as several other awards and honours. These three became Divisions of the Alfvén Laboratory. In 2001 the Department of Electromagnetic Theory joined the Alfvén laboratory as a fourth division. During 2005 the Alfvén Laboratory together with the Department of Signals, Sensors, and Systems and the Department of Electrical Systems formed the School of Electrical Engineering. The former Division of Electromagnetic Theory is now part of the Department of Electromagnetic Engineering, whereas the former Division of Applied Electrophysics has been merged into the two current Departments. Since 2006 the Alfvén Laboratory is no longer an organisational unit.

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